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Monitoring fruit fly populations, using traps baited with lures, is one of the cornerstones of integrated pest management (IPM).  Without a consistent, effective early warning system, how will you know the presence of a pest, the level of infestation and its location on the production unit?

FFA runs an extensive trapping network across many of SA’s fruit producing regions on behalf of growers, as is illustrated in the table below:

Region Main crops Hectares monitored
Medfly, Cape fly & Bd FCM
Elgin & Grabouw (incl. Hemel & Aarde) Pome & Stone fruit 6 115 N/A
Vyeboom Pome & Stone fruit 4 024 N/A
Lower Orange River Grapes (Table, Dry, Wine), Citrus 4 613 4 936
Hex river valley (incl. De Wet, Brandwacht, Nuy) Grapes (Table), Citrus 5 820 2 817
Langkloof Apples, Pears 4 556 N/A
Warm Bokkeveld Pome & Stone fruit 4 119 N/A
Koue Bokkeveld Pome & Stone fruit 20 N/A
Wolseley Pome & Stone fruit 1 607 N/A
Tulbagh Pome & Stone fruit 1 390 N/A
Olifants River Grapes (Table, Dry, Wine) 840 430
Total 33 104 8 183
Grand total 41 287
Langkloof Lokvalle

Trained monitors (“scouts”) inspect baited traps on a weekly basis and report their findings to their area co-ordinators. Trap counts and other sightings are communicated to growers on a regular basis so that swift interventions can be made with regards to pest management.

Ruben Examines A Pest Trap

Figure 1. Ruben de Klerk, monitor in the Langkloof, busy scanning a fruit fly trap.


The main objective of baiting is to eliminate female fruit flies before they mate, and therefore to limit reproduction of the adult generation. Baiting should be applied to all known fruit fly host plants, cultivated and wild, as well as all good shade trees in which fruit flies will often be found.

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Ruben Examines A Pest Trap

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Please note that there are various agro-chemicals on the market, and FFA does not endorse or promote any of the aforementioned products; it is only mentioned for educational purposes.

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