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202009 Fresh Quarterly Issue 10 03 Five Factors Affecting Fruit Set

Five factors affecting fruit set

Expert advice on getting the best out of your Japanese plums. By Anna Mouton. The past season was remarkable for the disastrous set in certain Japanese plum cultivars in some areas, most notably the Breede River Valley and Klein Karoo.…

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202006 Fresh Quarterly Issue 9 06 Future Proofing Pest Management

Future-proofing pest management

Research in biological control is shaping the next agricultural revolution. By Anna Mouton. The so-called green revolution of the sixties gave the world mind-boggling advances in agriculture. Crop production boomed thanks to the development of new varieties and cultivation methods…

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202003 Fresh Quarterly Issue 8 04 A Tale Of Two Flies

A tale of two flies

How Oriental fruit flies differ from Mediterranean fruit flies. By Grethe Bestbier. The Mediterranean fruit fly has long been established across South Africa and now a new kid on the block has appeared: the Oriental fruit fly. While both Mediterranean…

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202003 Fresh Quarterly Issue 8 05 Going The Distance

Going the distance

Factors influencing dispersal in Oriental fruit flies. By Grethe Bestbier. “At the moment the Western Cape is an Oriental fruit fly free area, and we want to maintain it like that,” says Prof. Chris Weldon from the Department of Zoology…

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201912 Fresh Quarterly Issue 7 05 False Codling Moth

False codling moth

What growers need to know about control. By Anna Mouton. False codling moth is — you guessed it — a moth and it belongs to the family Tortricidae. Its relatives include other important agricultural pests such as codling moth, Oriental…

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201912 Fresh Quarterly Issue 7 08 Looking To The Future

Looking to the future

Developing a South African phenophase-temperature database. By Anna Mouton. A need to better understand seasonal temperatures and bud break in pome and stone fruit has inspired a new project that aims to establish a phenophase-temperature database. The project is jointly…

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201909 Fresh Quarterly Issue 6 04 Getting More Out Of Monitoring

Getting more out of monitoring

Is there a missed opportunity? Hugh Campbell, general manager of Hortgro Science, asks whether monitoring represents missed opportunities. In an interview with Fresh Quarterly, he shared his thoughts on the potential of a standardised monitoring system where data is captured…

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201812 Fresh Quarterly Issue 3 02 Fruit Flies

Fruit flies

Keeping your orchard pest-free. By Dane McDonald. It is the trouble every fruit grower is trying to avoid— finding a fruit-fly larva— just one hit can ruin the day, if not the entire season. “Nobody wants a maggot in their…

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20190604 Fresh Quarterly Issue 5 10 Biological Control Of Fruit Flies

Biological control of fruit flies

Researchers turn to nature for help. By Engela Duvenage. Does nature provide its own little helpers to support the South African agricultural sector in controlling its fruit fly problem? Indeed, said Dr Pia Addison, upon reflecting on four years of…

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