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Poor Sanitation

GF-120 NF

GF-120 NF is a selective concentrate bait for control of fruit fly species infesting various fruit and vegetable crops. It is suitable for use in organic crop production. It releases an ammoniac type of compound that attracts fruit flies; however,…

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Ruben Examines A Pest Trap

M3 Fruit Fly Bait Station

M3 is a ready-to-use fruit fly bait station for the reduction of fruit fly numbers in orchards of citrus, subtropical fruit, deciduous fruit, and vineyards. It does not leave chemical and visible residues on fruit and is compatible with Integrated…

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Fruit Fly Magnet

Magnet med

Attract & kill mass trapping system Magnet MED is an insecticide that acts mainly on contact. It has a quick knockdown effect which paralyses the fruit fly at first and kills it after a few minutes. It is coated with…

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Biolure Fruit Fly Lure

A controlled release attractant for use as a monitoring system with bucket traps (McPhail type traps) on citrus, grapes, deciduous and subtropical fruit orchards against Ceratitis fruit fly species.

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