The area-wide concept

SIT, in conjunction with other key success practices, is an area-wide technique and works well provided the following aspects are well complied with:

  • The sub-division of the whole target area into smaller sub-areas, and the creation of a central operations centre and fruit fly laboratory in each sub-area. A local organization, e.g. the growers association, should play a regional organizational role.
  • The establishment and maintenance of an area-wide monitoring and bait spraying campaign based on grids: 25-ha blocks before the release of sterile flies, and 49-ha blocks after sterile releases.
  • The application of very effective orchard and vineyard sanitation.
  • The identification and effective management of all fruit fly host plants in each area.
  • The use of the geographical information system (GIS) as information and support technology.
  • The capacity to receive sterile flies every week, to keep them for a few days at a specified temperature and humidity, and then to release them in a specified manner throughout the target area.
  • The ability to identify wild and sterile fruit flies, and other species of fruit flies.
  • The continuous monitoring of the impact of sterile fruit fly releases and hotspot management.