Roles and Responsibilities

Responsibility for area-wide fruit fly management in the fruit industry rests with FruitFly Africa (Pty) Ltd on the one hand, and fruit producers on the other.

Responsibilities of FruitFly Africa

  • Establishment of operations and communications centres responsible for effective liaison on all fruit fly management activities in all relevant areas.
  • Host plant management: i) identification of all fruit fly host plants in all areas; ii) removal or management (e.g. stripping, baiting) in all urban areas.
  • Installation and maintenance of fruit fly traps for the area-wide programme.
  • Monitoring, fruit fly identification, and data management using GIS.
  • Routine sampling of commercial and wild fruit for fruit fly infestation.
  • Routine and regular feedback to growers on an individual basis on the status of fruit fly populations on their farms and in relevant urban areas.
  • Baiting of non-farm hotspots, including the use of bait stations where appropriate.
  • Coordination and supervision of area-wide baiting (aerial or ground) if requested by any area.
  • Decision on the readiness of any area for releases of sterile flies.
  • Routine and regular releases of sterile fruit flies in all target areas, and monitoring of effectiveness of all aspects of the fruit fly management programme.
  • Liaison with local government structures on involvement with relevant fruit fly management actions in urban areas.
  • Advice and recommendations on all aspects of fruit fly management.
  • Public relations and awareness programmes.
  • Liaison with national and international fruit fly and SIT experts as needed.

Responsibilities of producers:

  • On-farm host plant management activities (including in gardens and workers’ compounds and other on-farm hotspots).
  • Orchard/vineyard sanitation.
  • On-farm baiting activities (including in gardens, workers’ compounds and other on-farm hotspots).

The role of producers in ‘micro-managing’ fruit flies on their own farms is crucial in an area-wide fruit fly management programme, whether by conventional means or by SIT. The degree of success with which it is done will make or break any such programme.